Creating the best jeans equals creating the best material.


JAPAN BLUE dose spent most of its time developing and creating the material,
because the material is a key factor to determine the quality of jeans.
Selecting cotton, spinning cotton, dying the yarn and finally weave a fabric,
one can create a few thousand fabric using just these four processes.
JAPAN BLUE considers all four processes and creates a fabric best suitd at that time.

ジーンズの良し悪しは生地が大半を占めるので、JAPAN BLUEは生地作りに一番時間をかけています。

Visible design, or silhouttes, are kept extremely simple,yet contemporary.
We would like you to look, without prejudice, at the materials, how they develop over time...
denim can't be described in one word,
there are too many characteristics such as heavy vs light fabric, soft vs hard cotton, light vs dark dye, and so on...
Our mission is to make a jeans you like, it is your mission to create something beautiful by simply wearing it and
to discover the differences of each material used for each JAPAN BLUE JEAN.

それぞれのデニム生地の違いをJAPAN BLUE を履いて実感し、


Jeans maker created from Japanese denim mills, called COLLECT., in 2010

In 1992 in Kojima,Okayama, COLLECT., was established for the purpose in quest of next level, with our slogan
"Creation without an accepted idea" and
"Depelopment with no compromise"

Jeans determins quality of denim fabrics. We have been thinking about only a denim fabric for many years. We continue to produce jeans to convey a high quality of Japanese denim fabrics.

We can enjoy aiging of the jeans. This is a characteristic of the one and only that no other clothes can not imitate this phenomenon. The aging jeans which people wear for a long time, can not show by mass production. This is the only for wearing people in the world.


From denim to jeans


COLLECT CO.,Ltd is...

The craftsman in Japan Blue loves " Blue" Our jeans is putted the heart by the craftsman who weaves, dyes, and sews. This jeans reflect the life of the people.

Japan Blue is particular about a Japanese product to assume the jeans the best one. We select carefully in good material for good fading. We produce only basic five pockets jeans. We save useless design, becouse we want to you to enjoy material fading purely.
Japan Blue aims to make jeans that becomes the one of the pleasure of the daily life.

"Could you sell it?"