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Momotaro festival at Today!! Please coming Okayama store!!





Today 8/5 is the first day of Okayama prefecture’s biggest summer event “Okayama Momotaro Festival” !!!

Okayama Momotaro Festival official HP ↓

A fireworks display featuring about 5,000 fireworks will be held from 19:30 !!

And at the JAPAN BLUE JEANS Okayama shop, we planned “Fan FREE DISTRIBUTION” at the store front from the evening today !!

We have plenty of fan, but we will end distribution as soon as we lose.

Although I will not go to the festival, I will distribute it in the yukata for the taste only in the atmosphere. Please doing it got that fan.

The crowd of festivals is expected to be quite hot. Please cool down with JB fan.

It is smaller than ordinary one and is easy to carry.

By the way, fan is already existing around 3000 BC,
It seems that it was used in Yayoi era even in Japan.

The basic form is almost the same as that of modern day,
At that time it was said that there was never used among commoners.

It was the Edo era that widely penetrated among people,
It seems that it was used as a festival besides raising the wind by a fan.

You have a big fan in your shrine etc
I wonder if there are many people who have seen it.

That is exactly the same as a “festival” fan.

After all, from the ancient times fans have been supposed to be fans.

Everyone, please enjoy the festival while cooling down with JB Fan !!


Welcome Drink Service

Okayama stores have prepared a free drink.


JAPAN BLUE JEANS Okayama store
Yoshida BLD. 1F, 2-1 Togiya-cho, Kita ward, Okayama City.
Store closed:Wednesday(Japanes Holiday:OPEN)





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