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「 月別アーカイブ:2016年05月 」 一覧

Fukuyama, began.

  2016/05/31    News

  Everyone, nice to meet you. It is Fukuyama. 3 months joined before   Ufufu///   Shipping operation   It is hot today~(-_-;)       This is when the cold     Troubled Haaaa~・・・。     I’m doing my …

CAMERAMAN AND JEANS③ ~JB0412ML 1 years after~

  2016/05/31    News , , , ,

Cameraman was wearing one year jeans. 【JB0412ML】 https://www.japanbluejeans.com/item/?c=zoom&pk=19&col=40 Heavy ounce jeans 16.5oz. Nice color !!   BY.SONODA


  2016/05/29    Aging, Snap , , ,

Aging report  of JB6104 BY STAFF SASE JB6104-J W33 About 1 years             Nice color !!  

JB Goods introduction~Souvenir~

  2016/05/29    Item , , , ,

Hi. This is Hasui. Today’s Okayama is rain. I forgot the umbrella in the car. oh my god!!!     ……No.1 JBKM01  \7,500+tax https://www.japanbluejeans.com/en/item/?c=zoom&pk=145&col= very cute!! This Teddy only one in the world.       No.2 JBBEL02  \11,000+tax There are three …

Restock Casquette!!

  2016/05/29    Item, News , , ,

Hi. This is Hasui. The weather has become gradually hot !   Sorry I made you wait! JB Casquette   come back! JBCAS01 https://www.japanbluejeans.com/en/item/?c=zoom&pk=146&col= 10.5oz Denim It is the best of the casket in this hot summer! the  popularity item.   …

Let’s go to Kyoto!

  2016/05/29    Event, News , , ,

Hi! I’m Sonoda. Come to Kyoto in two days limited. Kyoto is a good place.     A lot of delicious gourmet. Matcha Latte and,yuba-croquette miso-dengaku.     Great building of the Japanese style.     Girl who worked together …

New face SASE & He Recommended denim items

  2016/05/26    Item, News, Store Info. , , , ,

Hello!! NEW STAFF SASE coming!! SASE From TOKYO     Introduce the His Recommended denim items!!   No.1 JB-Beret01 ¥6,000+TAX !!     No2! Denim apron!! JB-AP01 ¥7,500+TAX Very exciting Denim items!! He His Recommended denim items waiting in Okayama!  

CAMERAMAN AND JEANS② ~JB0412 2 years after~

  2016/05/24    Aging , , , ,

Cameraman was wearing two year jeans. 【JB0412】 https://www.japanbluejeans.com/item/?c=zoom&pk=17 He was in an textured worn out jeans. Jeans represent life.   By  SONODA.

Magazine 「2nd」 Vol.112

  2016/05/23    Item, Press , ,

Hi! JAPAN BLUE JEANS was published in the Japanese Magazine “2nd”.   2nd」Vol.112   CALIF.DENIM    

Customer Snap in Okayama Store

  2016/05/22    Snap , , , ,

Hi. This is Hasui. We introduce customer snap in Okayama Store. 【JB0501-J】Standard 14.8oz US Cotton Vintage Selvage https://www.japanbluejeans.com/en/item/?c=zoom&pk=24 His smile is very nice! Standerd is wide silhouette and high rise cut Jeans in Japan Blue Jeans. And Fabric is rough and rugged textile. …