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Reencounter for the first time in one year

  2016/06/30    Press , , , , , ,

I’m Sonoda. Customer of JBJ came to the store after an interval of one year.  The last blog⇓ http://japanblue.blogspot.jp/2015/07/blog-post_14.html?view=flipcard   【JB0401】※The right visitor https://www.japanbluejeans.com/item/?c=zoom&pk=14 【JB2100(ID)】※The left visitor https://www.japanbluejeans.com/item/?c=zoom&pk=35&col=74 The visitor of the man purchased JB0401. I have you wear JB2100(ID) for …

Event Information @Niigata Isetan

  2016/06/29    Event, News , ,

Hi,I’m Beret☆SHIRATANI. I left JBJ SHIBUYA,now I’m in Niigta. <Event Information> Skill exhibition of Japanese artisan @Niigata Isetan  7th floor 6/29(wed.)~7/4(mon.) 10:30~19:30(the last day,17:00 close) Men’s & Wemen’s are stocked. JB0406-J Zimbabwe×Memphis Cotton Tapered ¥13,824- (L)JBBAG02 Canvas Tote  ¥6,480- (R)JBBAG03 Denim Tote ¥6,480-   Seafoods …

JAPAN BLUE JEANS KYOTO,project started.

Hi,I’m Beret☆SHIRATANI. JAPAN BLUE JEANS KYOTO will come!! JAPAN BLUE JEANS KYOTO(FC) 8/10(wed.)OPEN 〒604-8046 京都市中京区寺町蛸薬師下ル東側町536 We’ll release informations gradually. Pay attention to the follow‐up report,please. On this weekend,Shiho will appear on JBJ POP-UP STORE@KYOTO! Please come to see her. 広がれ、ベレーの輪。 Beret☆SHIRATANI  (Instagram@beret_shiratani)

GO for SHIBUYA! 〜Beret☆SHIRATANI→Sonoda〜

  2016/06/27    Store Info. , ,

Hi! I’m Sonoda. From 6/28,I’ll be in JBJ SHIBUYA.   Beret☆SHIRATANI will go to Niigata,for next event.     With Sase boy.     Received a baton from Beret☆SHIRATANI.     We look forward to your many many visit!   …


Hi!! We introduction Customer SNAP from Okayama store!!   14oz Black x Black Vintage Selvage Tight Straight https://www.japanbluejeans.com/item/?c=zoom&pk=30&col=47 14oz Black x Black Selvage  Jeans Jacket https://www.japanbluejeans.com/item/?c=zoom&pk=118&col=47       Of course jacket&jeans is selvage denim!!     OKAYAMA STORE WATANABE  

JAPAN BLUE JEANS & 2nd sunap magazinne

hello. my name is staf sase today is magazine sunap!!   this human is japan blue jeans king 「BERET☆SHIRATANI」!!!     cameraman is beautiful. store take picture.     sase take a picture is sunap! sase is cooool!!!!!

『CLUTCH Magazine August』

Hi. This is Hasui.                 Sibuya,Taiwan store…       There are still. 【JB6051】SOHO Trousers https://www.japanbluejeans.com/en/item/?c=zoom&pk=92&col=77 https://www.japanbluejeans.com/en/item/?c=zoom&pk=110&col=77                     hasui        


  2016/06/23    News , ,

Hi, My name is Aoyama working in Kojima shop from this month. I study about jeans to be able to propose a morvelous item for the customer requirements. and This is the jeans that I wear on duty. 【JB0412ML】 Tapered(Military) …

“2nd” meets JBJ SHIBUYA !

  2016/06/22    News ,

Hi,I’m Beret☆SHIRATANI. I’m in JAPAN BLUE JEANS SHIBUYA. From JBJ SHIBUYA,we have a big information! 2nd SNAP DAY @JBJ SHIBUYA 6/25(Sat.) 11:00~16:00 Customer SNAP Event will be held by Japanese fashion magazine “2nd” @JBJ SHIBUYA. Natural or Cool… I’m looking forward to …

Enjoy it Choose jeans!!!

Hi. This is Hasui.     Today to introduce jeans terminology.       Patch・Leather patch       Rivet       Coin pocket         Pocket bag・(Sleek)           Button fly(Donut button)   …