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Kyoto store of this week is … WATANABE.

  2016/07/31    Store Info. , , , ,

Hello. It is Sonoda of the Kojima store staff. A day hot every day is shin … now successively I do not lose such a summer heat JAPAN BLUE JEANS Kyoto store, I am doing business well! This week A …

Recommended product!!

Hi. This is Hasui. I’m working in a temporarily Okayama store.     It is fine in Okayama today!     I introduce a good bottom in summer.   【JB2800(BE)】Cold Merce Chino Stretch  https://www.japanbluejeans.com/en/item/?c=zoom&pk=71&col=43       Shirts:JBSA01(DT) https://www.japanbluejeans.com/en/item/?c=zoom&pk=121&col=89 Tshirt:JBCDTW01 …

Event Information @SAPPORO,HOKKAIDO

  2016/07/29    Event, News , ,

Hi,I’m Beret☆SHIRATANI. It’ fine in OKAYAMA. Let’s go for the next event! Rainny… <EVENT INFORMATION> 「粋と技 職人展」 場所:丸井今井札幌本店 9階催事場 期間:7/29(Fri.)~8/4(Thu.) 時間:10:00~19:00 (the last day,close 18:00) Authentic Selvage Jeans ¥13,824~ For Ladies                 ¥9,720~ Caps           ¥5,940~ Ripped Jeans ¥12,960~ T-Shirts,shirts,denim jackets,and SETTO’s items are stocked. Hemming Service. …

Ankle Light Stretch Denim-JB3100

  2016/07/28    Item, Store Info. , , ,

Hi,Everyone! It’s Aoyama. Today’s topics is… Let’s recently introduced the items that are in the mood JB3100 – Ankle Light Stretch Denim Length is longer a little bit for me… But very comfortable good!! Fallcolor of weared about 1 year after. You …

Brooklyn Loose Chino JB7053

  2016/07/27    Item , ,

Hi!! We will introduce recommendation chino pants!!   Brooklyn Loose Chino JB7053 \11,000+TAX       model 172cm/63kg W30 NAVY   WATANABE

Customer’s Snapshot in Kojima Store -MOST HARDEST DENIM-

  2016/07/26    News, Snap , ,

Hi,Everyone! It’s Aoyama. Today’s customer was wearing most hardest denim in our store. That jeans is 18oz too! How heavy this is!! JB0626-J – Hi Tapered 18oz Super slub selvage It colored the weft yarn to beige brown. Therefore, you can …

Magazine 「2nd」 Vol.114

  2016/07/25    News , , , , ,

Hello. It is Sonoda of Kojima store.   July,16  release   popular CALIF. series. CALIF. We would like to express the feeling of freedom and the atmosphere of the West Coast, California. Denim with a damaged and repair like details. …

Shibuya store Staff relay Hasui → WATANABE

  2016/07/24    Store Info. ,

Hi I’m WATANABE from Okyama store. I work in Shibuya store from 7/22 to 7/29. Hasui  & WATANABE SHIBUYA STORE STAFF SASE SAKAI   We looking forward to your visit !! WATANABE  

Shiho appears again in Kyoto store!

  2016/07/23    Store Info. , , ,

Two days of end of this week 7/23 and 7/24 Shiho of the production control section works in Kyoto store. Recommended item of Shiho⇓⇓⇓ 【JB4300】 Liberty Pegtop 12oz Indigo×Heather Gray Stretch https://www.japanbluejeans.com/item/?c=zoom&pk=80&col=78 Liberty Pegtop Classic Chino https://www.japanbluejeans.com/item/?c=zoom&pk=82&col=38   I wait for the …

Working in Okayama store!

  2016/07/22    News , ,

Hi,Everyone! It’s Aoyama. I’m working in a temporarily Okayama store. Because WATANABE go to help other store,I am working here in his stead.   And,I have wear in this pictures… 【JB4100】Indigo×Black Trousers Denim I’m looking forward to the fall colors!! …