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OJATTAMONSE ~Event Information@Kagoshima~

Hi,I’m Beret☆SHIRATANI. I’m in Kagoshima. <Event Information> 「My Valentine‘s Collection」 場所:山形屋鹿児島店 1号館5階イベントスペース 期間:2/2(Thu.)~8(Wed.) 時間:10:00~20:00 (the last day,17:00 close) Authentic Selvage Jeans  ¥12,960~ “Calif.” Ripped Jeans  ¥15,120~ for Ladies  ¥9,720~ TOPS  ¥11,880~ SETTO‘s items are also stocked. Unionspecial! We look forward to your many coming! See you. 広がれ、ベレーの輪。 …