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Most popular jeans in stock!!

Hi,I’m YUTA. most popular jeans in stock!! Check it !! Right:JB6104Z-J/¥11,000+Tax 12.5oz selvage denim Left:JB6105Z-J/¥12,000+Tax Stretch selvage Denim Right:JB6104Z/¥14,000+Tax Selvage fade jeans Left:JB6163SZ-J/¥13,000+Tax 13.5oz Selvage denim See you again(^_^)  

Why is It Famous Town of Jeans in Kojima?

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  Why is It Famous Town of Jeans in Kojima? The history of Kojima,Okayama. -The birth place of domestic jeans and biggest production area in Japan. Kojima, Kurashiki where is the birth place of “Japanese Domestic jeans” This area recorded …

Customer Snap Shot in Kojima -much more!!-

Hi,Everyone! It’s Aoyama. Today,I will show you customer snap when they gone to our store!! Introduce left to right, 【JB7053】BLOOKLYN LOOSE CHINO 【JB2301】CALIF. Melrose 12oz Easy Denim 【JBSK01】Long Skirt 8oz Cotton Linen Denim It was bought thier! I think It’s good on them!! and I’m …

Citizens of Hiroshima are unmissable!Appear to「Pro-TV」

Hi. I’m Sonoda.   I appear on television today. 「Pro-TV」(HIroshima TV) Airdate:3/28 Hour:15:48~18:55(About16:50~17:10 broadcast)   There was TV photography the other day. In a garden. With the Namika Masui of the talent.   【Namika Masui coordinates】 ■JBJKL1064  12oz Côte d’lvoire Cotton Stretch Denim …

Shibuya Store 1st Anniversary Limitted Jeans.

Hi. I’m YUTA. Shibuya Store 1st Anniversary Limitted Jeans. Will be released in June!! Stay tuned. Limitted Leather patch.   Limited Edition 40 Will be released in June See you again!! ■Event Information■ 「JBJ 特別販売会」 3/22(水)~28(火) 大阪・大丸梅田店  

Twinsies coordinate~Customer snap~

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Hi. I’m Sonoda. Compared to before,Warm time gets longer during the day I hate cold I also become active little by little!!The plum blossoms in the garden of the Kojima shop became full bloom, It was entertaining the audience. In …

Ladies New Brand 『Urvin』 OPEN NEWLY TODAY!!!!

Hi! Ladies new brand「Urvin」will OPEN NEWLY TODAY!!!! Thank you for keep to waiting!   The concept is for attractive women, It is to make jeans with playful and excellent design. Let’s peek into the store! It is girly! and,Urvin’s sales staff are …

【JBJ GOODS】Hidden Populer Item Re-arrival and more

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Hi,Everyone! It’s Aoyama. I work in Kojima store this week. Today… JBJ’s Hidden popular item was re-arrival!! 【JBBR01】 Bracelet Assorted Fabrics ¥3,240(tax in) It made of fabric and leather straps dyed in indigo It is a very atmospherey item. This item …

Impression changes at the bottom Liberty peg top JB4300

Hello,my name is Tsurumi. I will introduce the models I was curious about before. I love denim and I will inevitably wear every day. This is a model recommended for those who want a change somewhere. Liberty peg top,indigo color! …

Sale of the JAPAN BLUE JEANS has started!!

Sale of the JAPAN BLUE JEANS has started!! ↓Matsuzakaya Shizuoka ↓      See you again(^_^)v ■Event Information■ 「JBJ 特別販売会」 3/22(水)~28(火) 大阪・大丸梅田店