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”I don’t want to wear the same clothes as other people!”【Urvin】

Hello, everyone\(^o^)/ I’m Kunisue from Urvin. The silhouettes in Urvin has the other name. skinny        ⇒Casta      boy’s slim    ⇒Mesquida boy’s slim ankle       ⇒Adele        straight   ⇒Louise wide pants       ⇒Sanda       tapered     ⇒Nina skirt           ⇒Reine They are named after French …


Hi!! Hot day continues this week. Shorts are essential at such times. Today is an introduction of JBJ’s new show bread model 172cm/62kg  SIZE M着用 Easy Shorts JB5600 ¥9,000+TAX ~ ¥13,000+TAX SIZE S~L I made it with a very soft …