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Customer’s Snapshot -How is Patterned Chino?-

  2017/05/04    News, Snap , , , ,

Hi,Everyone! It’s Aoyama. Events “Golden Festa Okayama 2017” are held in the shopping street near our shop. http://shishoren.com/ It is held between May 3rd to May 5 Enjoy Okayama’s jeans with our event to enjoy Okayama at our shop!   Today, I introduce …

Kojima Recommended spot 【Former Nozakike housing】

It is “Day after day Kojima” that introduces recommended spots in Kojima. Following the former Nozakihama Lantern Ming Dynasty the other day, this time is an introduction of the former Nozakike residence. From the entrance of jeans street it is …

Also useful for G. W.! Introduction of powerful faction standard tops ★

Hello I am YURIKO. 。   Today’s blog is a big success this season It is an introduction of items.     JBSA06  WHT  12,000+TAX JBSA06  ID/DID  13,000+TAX * Preparing online * 【JBSA06  WHT】 This one using 6 oz US …