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I’m Sonoda.

A friend of Sonoda came to the store.

 Came for a trip to Okayama.

Prep Melrose Processing
12.5oz Africa Cotton vintage Selvage

Uses long African cotton fibers blended with 12% natural brown cotton.Soft and supple fabric as well as texture is the result of using this yarn.

I recommend it to a girl.

Souvenir jacket
Cotton rayon vintage satin

I used a shiny rayon satin.

Because the weft is cotton, it gave a little stiffness to the softness unique to rayon.

Bleach from the top dyed indigo fabric. Decolorization to gradation.
To the expression with a depth in the gradation. 

I go cautiously by hand one by one.

Very cool.

Thank you!!


By Sonoda


■Event Information■
「JBJ 特別販売会」





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