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”I don’t want to wear the same clothes as other people!”【Urvin】


Hello, everyone\(^o^)/

I’m Kunisue from Urvin.

The silhouettes in Urvin has the other name.

skinny        ⇒Casta      boy’s slim    ⇒Mesquida
boy’s slim ankle       ⇒Adele        straight   ⇒Louise
wide pants       ⇒Sanda       tapered     ⇒Nina
skirt           ⇒Reine

They are named after French actress.

Today, I’m introduce the silhouette “Nina”.

UP137310 / Sky Blue ¥18,500+tax

The rise is alittle bit low.

It’s a shapely because it’s tapered strongly tapered to the hem.

Anyway, the damage processing jeans is so cool, feeling summer(^_-)-☆

Cotton 100%, stretch, damage processing, cut off, side slit and so on…

Variety rich(^^)v

In addition,

“Nina” series don’t sell in the select shop.

You can purchase it at only Urvin Kojima store.

No one has “Nina” series!!!
This brown patch means “Nina” series↑↑↑

We can recommend “Nina” if you are looking for the jeans which no one has or the hard damage processing jeans♪

Let’s choose good one together♡

I’m waiting for your coming.

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