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Kojima Recommended spot 【Honest Cofee】Day after day Kojima


「Honest coffee shop

Hello, this is Tsurumi who is in charge of Hibiki.

I like coffee and drink a cup of drink a day
Although it is an unquestionable caffeine addict,
Recently I got a good coffee mill for my birthday present,
Looking for coffee bean shop in various places, I try to buy it and have fun.

I found a shop that I can return to work after returning home even when working at Kojima.
It is a shop specializing in roasting and selling coffee beans “Honest Cofee”.

It is divided for each production area · degree of roasting and is very easy to see.


Honest = I can be likable for the store name that is honest.
There seems to be a store in Okayama city,
Kojima seems to be especially specialized in the sale of beans.

In the store there are beans of various origin.
Recently coffee beans have been selling in various places,
Honest Cofee has started this business style before then
It looks like a shop.

It is also a nice point where you can purchase beans from 100 grams.

Normally it is more than 200 g, so in my case I grind beans at the weekend
Considering the time of drinking it is a slightly larger amount.

So, it is a very nice point that you can purchase from 100 g per production area.

In addition, we also sell raw beans at this shop,
The amount is 20% off from roasted beans.

Recently I want to challenge my own roasting,
I will try to use it next time.

There is also a coffee shop in the store, and many professional coffee goods are on sale.


When I visited there was a weekday’s afternoon, but when one customer came,
People are still calm and constantly crowded, such as coming alone,
I had an impression that I was loved by local people.

We enjoyed the weekend.


This time 100 g Choice.
Honestly I do not have details, but I like deep-roasted items.
Please tell me if there are delicious beans deeply roasted by someone.

You can also take out, so please do come by all means.

See you next week.


[HONEST COFFEE Kojima branch]
1-95, Kojima Ekimae, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama, 711-0921, Japan
Business hours:
Morning 8:00~12:00
Breakfast breakfast, lunch sales, Sunday open
Regular holiday:Nothing(Except 12/31 ~ 1/3)



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