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JAPAN BLUE JEANS ,Kojima Store,4th Anniversary!



9/21 is the 4th anniversary of JAPAN BLUE JEANS.


Because of you,we can go to today,we can stand here.
Thank you for choosing us!

So,This year also has the celebration!
The SNS event!!

You can post the photos about JBJ jeans on Facebook、Instagram、Twitter!


『Kojima store the 4th anniversary photo contest』!!

Only if you have the clothes(tops or bottoms) of JAPAN BLUE JEANS,
you can join this contest!


【Method① The aging jeans】

You can send us the photo about your aging jeans.

【Method② The codinate by JB item 】

Only if you wear the JB item(tops or bottoms ) ,sent the photo to us please!

(click here ,here are the information about the item in this photo☟)

JBJK2701  ID  ¥18,000+TAX
テーラードジャケット10oz コットンリネンシャンブレー

■JBSA09  ID  ¥15,000+TAX
ダブルガーゼインディゴシャツ ※直営店で販売中※

■JB4400  BE ¥12,000+TAX
シティ トラウザークラシックチノ


Here are the details about how to post photo !




Application Guidelines

■ Target persons
If you have the tops or bottoms of JAPANBLUE JEANS,you can join this contest.

2017/9/21 (Thu.)~2017/10月/21日(Sat.)

■The method
《instagram 》
1.)follow @japanbluejeans
2.) post your photo.
3.) Don’t forget to write the #jbjkojima 

《twitter 》
1.) follow @Japanbluejeans
2.)post your photo.
3.) Don’t forget to write the #jbjkojima 

1.) attach the photo
2.) write the information mentioned below.
3.) send it to our office E-mail. < jbj-k@japanblue.co.jp >

/////////////////// E-mail nessary information ///////////////////
(▼you can copy the information below,then write them.
【Can we registe your information ?】Yes or No ※1
【Can we use your photos in our blog and web?】Yes or No ※2

【How did you know this contest?】

【What silhouette do you like?】


■Winning notification
We will take a strict action after examining the content of the photo contest.
We will use the Facebook message,Twitter direct message,Instagram direct
The winning notification to send the winng notification.
Don’t forget to follow our Official accounts!!
The winner coustomers need to tell us the Address,Tel ect as soon as possible.
If you have any questions please notice us quickly.
※If there are any porblem with  address ,Tel ,the  result will  declared invalid.



Facebook、Instagram、 Twitter
The winning notifiction will be send by direct message in our offical account.
If you don’t follow our offical account,we can’t send the message to you.

The winning notificton will be announced in 2017/11.
If there are some False entry in the photos or information,maybe the winning of right will be cancled.




The patching teddy in this year…..


It’s him!!

We remake Calif.seires jeans !!

There is ”4 th” in teddy’s foot.

This year,we will choose 10 person !!

We are waiting for your joining.

Hurry up~~~~:)

See you~






■Event Information■



↓↓Kojima shop Insatagram↓↓https://www.instagram.com/japanbluejeans_kojima/?hl=ja

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