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THE STYLE’S BLACK SKINNY will not fade away!!


It’s Aoyama!!


Today’s topic,I introduce our brands product of elaborate!!

JB7000(BK)】THE STYLE Skinny 10oz Twill Stretch

It is most slim than our products.
I think,I want it for beginnig sold!!

(SPEC 176cm/65Kg SIZE:32in)
TOPS:【JBJK1012-J】Jeans Jacket 16.5oz US×Australia Cotton Selvage

It is a thin slim trouser that clearly understands the shape of the leg.
Because they are thinning to the limit using stretch cloth.

It is using stretch material so comfortable to wear is very good.

I was at a loss as to whether to buy JB 3100 or buy this product,
I wanted a skinny that will not discolor, so I made it to JB 7000.

Yes, this skinny will not fade away.

※ There is a case of fading due to long-term wear.
※ JB7000 of Indigo is a specification of jeans lose color

Stetch in back pocket.


It is cool even if you coordinate with the tops of the popular Big Silhouette in this spring and summer!


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