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The Setouchi bridge…Kojima limited model stitch jeans


I’m Aoyama.

What’s famous in KOJIMMA?
Jeans street…tako…student cloth…Tatami…and so on.

There are also many amusement park,like 「鷲羽山 high land」
and nature walking street「風の道」.


But ,the most famous is must be 「Seto uchi bridge」!

This long bridge begin from 1988,connected Honshu and Shikoku.
and this bridge is the only railway to go to Kagawa from Kojima.
So it’s very important !

In fact,the Setouchi bridge is the longest Road railway combined bridge in the world!

We use this amazing bridge image and create the JBJ stitch!


13.5oz Côte d’lvoire Cotton Vintage Selvage13.5oz ¥17,000+tax

The basic model is tapered.The warpa warp thread is indigo
and the Woof thread is blue!

So the color is really very special!
And the selvage is Côte d’lvoire color!


13.5oz Côte d’lvoire Cotton Vintage Selvage13.5oz ¥14,000+tax



13.5oz Côte d’lvoire Cotton Vintage Selvage

The cotton is handpicked from the cultivation to the harvest.

The cotton puts almost no burden and no breeding.

This are very close to the original species, which will produce a simple and warm feature closer to the origin model of jeans.
You can enjoy the deep blue indigo by the use of black in the weft.


The inside fabic is blue!


The Kojima limited edition jeans backpocket  stitch color is




You can get this jeans only in Kojima store!


The very useful tapered silhouette is not too fat or too tight

It’s really easy to match the tops!
The most popular silhouette in JBJ!


Ofcourse,the leather patch is indigo!


We’re proud of this one!

See you!




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