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Kojima Recommended spot 【DONPACHI】 Day after day Kojima


「Places where local love gathers

It is Tsurumi who is in charge of Day after day Kojima.

Kojima continues on a hot and humid day.
July also entered the middle stage and it has become an atmosphere called summer real number.

This year I came to Kojima and realized it was my first summer,
I feel that there is less wind in the afternoon.

[Evening calm]
In the area of the beach,
A windless state that occurs in the evening.
In the evening, when sea breeze and land breeze alternate,
Being temporarily calm.

Especially the Seto Inland Sea is inland sea, the wind is weak, the exchange of sea breeze ~ mountain wind slowly
It seems that the time of sunset is longer as it is done.

I am not an expert, so I do not know the details,
Anyhow since the air around me does not move, it seems like it is in a tank in the scorching sun
Is it a sensation? Sensation that it gets hotter and steamier in a sensible way.
But it is salvation that the sun goes down and it gets cooler.

Well known as ” Day after day Kojima” lending with Kojima gourmet information board,
It is still gourmet information.
And continuing from last week is “UDON”.

「ISHIHARU UDON」「TAKATO」came and this time
Introduction of “handmade udon dumpling”.
A very detailed production team speaks for Kojima’s lunch situation,
I have been with you.

It stands out.


Running a car from Kojima Station is about 10 minutes.
I saw a big sign.

Even so, it is hot · · · quickly into the store · · ·


Even so, it is hot today …
Depending on the time of day, it is also a popular shop, so the parking lot is also panpan.
The interior of the shop seems to be busy with full occupancy.

I will make the sample more confused than the ones on hand.


Inside the store where samples are lined up.
Anyway, there is abundant variety of single items, set meal sets.
I am astonished by the large number of set meal variations that became a set of rice and other items.
Although this is a udon ya, this rich repertory.
This is “a delicious feeling at eating this store” has come out.
It seems that it is actually delicious.



Anyways Japan Blue Staff members all over the world.
We can do that and that and each one’s thought.
I want to eat udon, but I want to eat that too.
People who go through, people who can flow, people who do as they are told.

Tonkatsu + rice + udon (and in addition) It is a power lunch.


The daily set meal seems to be pretty voluminous.
If you see it well, handmade pork cutlets. Let’s do this next.

“Danchi set food” It is a set that you can enjoy Yokonama goodness of udon.


This time I made it to “Danchi set meal” with the name of the shop.
Warm cold noodles, noza udon, finely set rice set meal.
Except for gunpowder rice, everything is a pure white world called carbohydrate.

Although each amount is small, it seems,
It is quite a satisfying feeling set with quite a few when it coalesces.

There is a lot of power when you get on udon · · ·


“And curry udon” that my senior had ordered.
There seems to be a considerable volume of this as well.

“Udon with curry” is unusual. I tried it for the first time.
Curry was delicious, and in the end it was adding rice.
I understand that feeling.

Curry udon is also delicious,
Udon is not finished, does not it does not fit, feelings.

Since udon can serve tailored handmade at shops,
There is Kosi, very texture is good.
Especially the texture of ZARU Udon had a special mention.

Location pattern It is a shop with a very lively atmosphere with very many local people.
It is also a big feature that you can have a menu other than udon only.
It is said that shaving ice will also begin for the rainy season, and this is also famous.

Kojima seems to come out with pops and special shaved ice in the summer,
There was still crackling chips that gourmet information seems to continue.

See you next week.


[Udon noodles DONPACHI]
9-12-sa-10, Kojima Shimonocho, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama, 711-0906, Japan
business hours:11:00~20:00
Regular holiday:Monday



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