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Kojima Recommended spot 【Kojima building exploration】 Day after day Kojima


「Kojima building exploration

It is Tsurumi who is in charge of Day after day Kojima.
Hot day continues, but here in Okayama the rainy season has not come yet.
Currently the Web team are busy making AW (Fall Winter) new product catalog.

Well, the clouds of the other day are few good weather,
I shot model for catalog.

Mr. Nick. What a cool face this hot weather.


I also asked Nick from Australia who asked for models in the SS catalog of the previous term also this time.
Today we filmed around the Kojima area.

Cut as a photograph with the model as background,
Jeans street which I always used to is somewhat fresh.

We send wind from all directions.


As it is hot, everyone should have a fan to look for sweat.
Nick was hardly drinking water even in this heat.
Perhaps it is consideration for not sweating.
It is professional rooting.

This picture was taken in front of Dania Japan.


On the jeans street which is this shooting spot
Not only the Nozaki family old mansion but also the best for shooting spots such as catalogs,
To have a lot of building with atmosphere
I will be noticed again.

Sorry for being unable to shoot the whole building of the building …

This picture is one of Kojima’s foremost denim manufacturers
I shot the shop of “Dania Japan” back.

It is a building which was originally used as “Marzen photo gallery”
When we comprehend history, it was originally the former No. 1 Joint Bank Mamino branch.
In the 1920s, in the building around the time Taisho? Although the speculation is flying,
I did not understand the details.
Is it that it may be near 100 years old?
Once again, it is amazing again.

There is atmosphere.


I understand only a part here, but it is in jeans street
I borrowed a store in front of “Womb brocante” store and photographed it.

Here is an old bank trail before the war.
Originally established as early Showa era as the former Yasuda Bank Kojima branch,
It will be handed over to the Fuji Bank afterwards. (There is a remnant on the shutter.)

Especially the outer wall was loaded with granite which was often used for the bank building of the time.
The area around Kojima is also the origin of stone such as granite,
Masonry skill seems to be very good.

Kojima jeans street is of course sightseeing as well as jeans,
There are many buildings that are very spectacular.
There seems to be a rare thing as the style of the old bank,
Please visit us when you come to Kojima.

And the shooting unit turned around several routes …

The prince is at the foot of the mountain. Because it is shade 0, the umbrella is a sunshade.


Last shoot at the shore of the mountain by the prince.
I can see that sweat evaporates steadily with the heat.

A figure of collecting seaweed quickly as it becomes an obstacle to photography


The Seto Inland Sea is beautiful whenever you see it !!
Today I feel stressed by the heat and it looks fantastic further in another dimension.

And …

The last one !!!

No, no it was a hot day.
Mr. Nick, everyone of the shooting crew was really cheers for good work!

Please wait for a while until AW catalog of sweat and tears is completed.



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