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Kojima Recommended spot 【IHATOVO】


「Homeious and spicy curry」

Hello. It is Tsurumi who is in Day after day Kojima.
I am a rare kind of “bus commuter” person in the company, although it has nothing to do with the subject but every day
I commute to relax and watch the scenery of Kojima.

While heading to Kojima by bus, I was concerned that there was a coffee shop.
Perhaps it is better to say a cafe now.
Among them, I heard that the curry has a delicious cafe and immediately went to lunch.
In the review it’s pretty spicy curry.
I am not as spicy as a spicy mania,
(I can not remember the name of spice at all)
Indian curry · Thai curry I love human beings so “spicy” on the keyword
No will be expected but expectation will increase.

Although the introduction became long, this time there is a cafe (coffee shop) which is near from Kojima station,
Introduction of “IHATOVO”.
It is a pure curry report though it is a cafe. Since there is no introduction of coffee and tea,
It will also be on the next occasion.

British style gardening has a nice appearance. Mr. Nishikawa.


The shop where the British style gardening looks beautiful at the back of Kojima Park
It is “IHATOVO”.
And a part of the picture taking pose is Mr. Nishikawa of our company’s new international sales staff.
As it is a nice storefront, you can only say that you should see it.
Perhaps it ‘s the best kid’ s crane ‘s stance.

A little dark in the shop. Natural light comes in and it is very calm.


Atmosphere inside the shop calming down with classical based on wood.
There is a smell of spicy curry and a good scent of coffee.
Lighting and interior, owner’s aesthetic sense firmly in fine detail
Is not it,
“IHATOVO” which is a coined word made by “Kenji Miyazawa” in the meaning of “Utopia”
I feel strong commitment to what I use for the store name.
It is nice, is there a feeling that you are enveloped in such a thorough atmosphere during your lunch break.
Recently my head is boiling down, I want to take it. Somewhere.

Many minds to worry about. Especially sardines.


It is a menu of the shop.
The cafe-like menu is arranged, but the food menu is enriched.
Variety of curry is abundant, too.
I want to try sandwiches.
The cake looks delicious more than anything.
I would like to drink coffee as well.
There are oyster ice, and there are also abundant menus.
Somehow my thoughts are overflowing.

This time to order the most popular “Yume Curry”.
It is said that dry curry is overlapped with ordinary Rue ‘s curry.
2 kinds of ordinary roux, 2 kinds of dry curry, it is possible to choose each spicy
I can do it. In order to blow away the anxiety of the past, both are hot and spicy
It made it the most sparse version.

This is a dream curry. A spicy scent already drifts.


The seasonal curry that my colleague ordered also looks delicious. May is bean cheese curry.


Curry was brought within ten minutes.
It is neither like nor the hat suffered by South American people.
Curry also comes with tomatoes and pickles.
At first it is impossible to create a figure with both normal and dry curry on board
Well, indeed, it is such a form.
Already a spicy scent …

It’s the hardest version of hot and spicy, so I was prepared but it is painful.
It is closer to saying spicy than just feeling that tongue is painful.
The fragrance of various spices escaping from the nose is pleasant.
In addition, the dry curry seems to contain considerably spicy rice.
People who like spices think that I am quite satisfied with the hot and spicy version.

It’s been a couple of hours since I ate this article,
My stomach is warm.


I am glad that Nishikawa liked it as well.


It is a taste that seems to be habit.
It is awesome to drink coffee for this spicy finish.
Those who do not like spicy things can be normal, or they look delicious
There is also a sandwich set.
I have found a nice shop that is going to pass again.

1-67-1 Kojimaekimae Kurashikicity Okayama Japan
Business hours :10:00~19:00
Closed: Every Tuesday

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