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Kojima Recommended spot 【Okonomiyaki Harada】 Day after day Kojima


In other words “Third Wave of Okonomiyaki”

Hello. It is Tsurumi who is in Day after day Kojima.

Good weather continues. Okayama Kojima.

Did summer getting closer? Is it the summer? It is continued to be cheerful.

I thought as if I was heading in the direction of the arrowhead last night, a hail stormed with a thunderstorm like turning over the Tarai, a tornado warning came out, the temperature went down at a stretch, sneezes did not stop.
“It’s still ahead in summer” I return to myself yet June 1st.
First of all, it is the rainy season. It is such a feeling every year.

This time we introduce “Okonomiyaki Hara”


Although the story will change, or the future will be the main line
Does everyone like “Okonomiyaki”?
Do you like Kansai style? Is it Hiroshima style?
Do you bake yourself? A school faction?
You are a fellow who burns you.

Although it is divided into Kansai style and Hiroshima style roughly, when examining it
From there further various styles are derived all over Japan.
It seems necessary to investigate deeper in order to talk about okonomiyaki.
As I introduced the other day, Kojima is also close to Kagawa prefecture so many udon shops,
Because the neighbor is Hiroshima prefecture, the number of Okonomiyaki restaurants tends to be larger.

Among them, I would like to introduce the shops that had a reputation as “With anything great” anyway within the Japan Blue Company.

Many minds to worry about. What is going on about buckwheat rice bowl … That is another opportunity


Actually it seems famous shops in Kojima, but the number of seats is small,
Most of those who use it will pre-order the phone booking and going to pick up.
Of course it is also possible to eat at a shop.

We also made a phone call and went to pick up for lunch.
Several people have already been picked up as well.
The seats in the shop were already full.

Weight that does not convey from the appearance · · ·


Because we were asking in advance, receipt is also smooth.
It seems that this is not a weight of okonomiyaki already when it sees the hand.

I will go back to the office at once.


There is a special case for okonomiyaki ne. I do not know whether it is exclusive.


I asked for pigs and pigs.
Whether it is a case specialized for okonomiyaki, this form was first seen.

It’s hard to understand, but it’s a pretty big size.


When I opened it, a very well shaped Okonomiyaki appeared.
Even so, it is big.

There is thickness but unexpectedly simple section.


While also looking at the size, the thickness is amazing.
I am aware of myself irrespective of their power.

Cabbage is crowded with cross section.
Crisp pork adds appetite.

Feeling plenty of fabric feel Fluffy texture.
I feel the sweetness of cabbage moderately.
It is a very high-grade okonomiyaki with a biteful bite.

And I knew it but I have a lot of it!
Even if I eat well it was a satisfactory amount enough.
However, because there are a lot of cabbage, it is eaten if I do.

Women may be serious, but some people may be surprisingly okay.
And I summarized my impressions I tried.

“Is this Okonomiyaki?”

It was impression.
A new sense not belonging to any of the Kansai style, Hiroshima style which I have eaten so far.
I think that it is pretty original.

There is moderately junk atmosphere, satisfaction is also high
“Jiro system” in place in ramen.
Is it a third wave system in coffee?

Konoshima’s only one okonomiyaki, please try it.

[Okonomiyaki Hara]
2-10, Kojima Ekimae, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama, 711-0921, Japan
From Kojima Station289m
Business hours:10:30~19:00(Take-outL.O.18:30、Eat-inL.O.18:00)
Regular holiday:Monday, Thursday, Sunday


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