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Kojima Recommended spot 【Chinese noodles Kouta】 Day after day Kojima


「Temptation of fried rice cake in chinese noodles

It is Tsurumi who is in charge of Day after day Kojima.
What do you all taste for Chinese noodles?
Is it still a classic baked pig, boiled egg?
Recently I often see all the rides.

It took notice recently that the content of the topping is quite unique depending on the store.

This time I introduce Day after day Kojima is the first genre “Chinese noodles”.

Chinese noodles shop is rich in Kojima.
It seems there are many shops full of personality, so I will introduce it steadily.

The first chinese noodles to commemorate is 30 seconds walk from the office, 15 seconds real 15 seconds, (too close)
“Chinese noodles kota” is an introduction!

The appearance of the shop has a sense of DIY and it is cool.


The shop front is also wonderful.
It is also a nice point for the wider parking lot.


Moreover it is selvage denim.


As expected, a Chinese noodles shop in Kojima.
It is a goodwill of denim fabric.
It is healed by a refreshing shopkeeper ‘s smile.

T – shirt is also Kota. Kota’s smile also appears at the back of the celebration flag.


Because it is lunch time, it is fully occupied.
We also have a picture of our employees.
Kitchen looks busy as well. The hat is surely “Kotato”.
I have a signboard so I can tell by one shot.

Well then menu. However, I forgot to take a picture.
· Chinese noodle @ 650 yen  Standard buckwheat noodles
· Negisoba @ 750 yen  with plenty of spicy white onion
· Chicken soybean sauce @850 yen  Char shave noodle
· Seasonal soba @ 850yen  Soup with seasonal vegetables with eggs
※All inclusive As of June 15, 2017

So there was something to worry about the topping this time.
It is “fried rice cake”

A combination that can not forbid a sense of guilt somehow.
Carbohydrates on carbohydrates
Moreover, “fried” anyway.

In my mind
“Absolutely delicious”
I got a directive.


Chinese noodles + fried rice cake toppings


Soup is pig bone sauce + seafood W soup, it feels somewhat Japanese style.
It is a solid soup with a balanced flavor.
Noodle is straight with thin noodles, often entangled with soup. Pork with thick thickness is also delicious.
It is also a nice point for the thick eyebrows.

And, the deep fried rice cake

It will extend (is it natural?)


The soup is soaked in this fried rice cake, it becomes thick and entangled with noodles often.
It is a sinful combination.
This is more delicious than expected.
Toppings “fried rice cake” personally recommended.



The color of the soup is dark with what is in the udon ya. I also care about ramen’s Oden.

[Chinese noodles Kouta]
4047-7, Kojima Ajino, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama, 711-0913, Japan
172 m from Kojima Station
business hours :11:00~20:30
Regular holiday:Monday


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