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Kojima Recommended spot 【KANGETSUDO Strawberry Daifuku】 Day after day Kojima


「Embowered small Strawberry Daifuku

There may be many theories, such as “Okayama prefecture people have many sweet tooth people” in fact
I feel that today this time.
I also like side dishes, but I can not give sweet pastries.
I liked it too much and ate every single day for a while, and it turned into a confectionery bunjunkie
It is almost Tsurumi who is in charge. I recently stopped but I am addicted to persimmon seed chocolate.

Yes, in fact it is my own eyes on sweet things,
I heard the story that there is a shop in Kojima that is said to be the birthplace of “Ichigo Daifuku”.
There are many theories.

“Strawberry Daifuku” …
What a prejudice, but not anything other than prejudice,

That is for girls.

It is something men should not eat.
Recently I often see it next to a cashier’s checkout, but originally
It is a sanctuary feeling, somehow.
(And I’m an elementary school student wearing shorts in my heart)

How about Sweet Party men in Japan all over the country?

I ran about 10 minutes by car from Kojima Station,
So, even if I heard that story I did not know extraordinarily

I did not do it,

However, by accidentally buying souvenirs for visitors,
I miss the opportunity to visit himself unexpectedly!
I’m making a strange face with “Strawberry Daifuku” in front of me
A dilemma in which the sweet tooth’s feelings rise.

Anyway signs that are easy to understand.

Strawberry Daifuku with a rich variety of species


Fruit Daifuku also offers fresh fruit for all seasons


Strawberry Daifuku alone has 8 different kinds.

[From the left back]
· Pumpkin, tomato sauce, fresh cream, green tea
[From the left side]
· Red (Koshian), white bean, chocolate sauce, custard

Pumpkin? Is it? Tomato?
Strawberry Daifuku specialty shops make full use of their know-
I reach out to the area of every fruit.
At the Japanese-style confectionary shop and convenience store, the absolutely unusual kind of change is enriched.
Depending on the season, there will be limited time fruit.
If there is only this kind, I would like to try any of them.


The most popular “cream” as a sweet tooth party was the most promising candidate.
However, the colleague’s woman who was a former Japanese sweet shop
“White bean paste” is recommended, so we chose White bean paste this time.

「White bean paste」・・・

Manju is a good school with regular bean paste.

Have you ever had the chosen White bean paste yourself …
I still have prejudice that “white bean” is a domain of women as well.

However, I would not let this shameful situation wait after this …

Small enough palm size


White bean paste and strawberries that were surrounded by beautiful thin rice toys.
The expression of Kimono looks really nice, cute feeling.
I am afraid with double prejudice to “Strawberry Daifuku” “White bean paste”
I will carry it to my mouth.


“The acidity of strawberry and the sweetness of white bean are too exquisite”

It is one shot and a longstanding prejudice collapse.

Rather, “Ichigo Daifuku” can only have white beans.
People thinking about this combination are geniuses.

In Mr. Kanpodo, every season so that it can be eaten even in summer that is out of season
It seems that Strawberry is being purchased by changing the production area.

Actually, Japan Blue employees also have many fans,
Because we are pleased as gifts and souvenirs to our business partners, the staff is also at the store
It seems that he often visits.

When you put it in a box it looks good with all the colorful Daifuku.
I am willing to send this to a men who is aggressively preoccupied.


1-7-34, Kojima Shimonocho, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama, 711-0906, Japan
From Kojima Station1,262m
Business hours :9:00~18:00
Regular holiday:Every Monday, the first Tuesday


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