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Kojima Recommended spot 【KODAMA SUISAN KAMABOKO(Boiled fish paste)】 Day after day Kojima


「Kamaboko and business casual

It is Tsurumi who is in charge of Hibiki.

As I mentioned in the previous “Hibikoma”, those in Okayama prefecture are sweet
I guess I like it.

Actually not limited to sweets, every flavor is a little “sweet”.
I already got used to it, but those who first came from the Kanto area are various
You may feel that things are a little sweet.
I feel somewhat sweet even commercially available miso, soy sauce, recently bought kimchi.
However, it was a sweet kimchi as I saw it later. Excuse me.

Kamaboko from 45 degrees oblique


Well, “Kamaboko” who appeared from the beginning.

From our staff from Kojima the other day,
I will introduce something you gave me as a souvenir.

Okayama prefecture’s “kamaboko” circumstances, but this is also a lot of sweetness.
Especially, I feel that tendency is strong if things with handmade feeling.

This time we are introducing Shimotsui “Kodama Suisan kamaboko”.

Kamaboko seen from directly above


This is the third time for the photo of Kamaboko.
Will it convey the appearance simpleness, handmade feeling?

Well I will bring it to your mouth thinking that this is too sweet.
When eating, it smells a subtle scent of bamboo and natural sweetness.
I think that people who come from Kanto will be able to eat it without any discomfort.
It is even more tasty when you try to eat it further.
It is also a good seaweed feeling size that makes me want to eat a little more.

I definitely want to recommend it to friends from Kanto …

Actually, please let me introduce What is this kamaboko,
It is quite rare in Kojima.
I do not get accurate information on where I sell it.
Tenmaya Happy Town theory of Kojima, Tanoura ‘s greengrocer’ s theory,
There are various things such as Ogata ‘s greengrocer’ s theory.

There was not much influential information on the net.

If you come to Kojima and see it, you had better buy it.

I liked this simple taste very much.
Because it is unworthy, the kamaboko board has been kept washed.

Although story changes,
We have uploaded a new feature to WEBSHOP of Japan Blue Jeans.
Jeans casual is the main Janan Blue Jeans,
Actually there are lots of items that can also be used for business casual.


“Business casual making with Janan Blue Jeans”

For this time we asked the chief of our business clerk for a model,
I tried carefully selected items that can be used realistically in business.

I am fortunate if you can see it by all means.

See you next week.



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