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Kojima Recommended spot 【TAKATO UDON】 Day after day Kojima


「First of all, “Udon” and fried rice cake

It is Tsurumi who is in charge of Day after day Kojima.

It was my first visit to Kojima,
When interviewing what to hide, and that day it hits the typhoon.
Although the umbrella turned, the Seto Inland Sea was quite adult,
I did not make a wave.

Then when you visit again afterwards, take me to the current boss for lunch
This time we introduce “Takato Udon” that I went.

This day was the first time I ate kojima.

Okayama prefecture in this blog so far,
Especially Kojima told us that it is “Udon Area”
※ Although I was only referring to that “Iashiru Udon”
This “Taka and Udon” was originally the starting point.

I mean that there was such an impact,
There is “oden” or a little culture shock
It was a shop I received.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the entrance to Kojima for me.

And now, when relatives came to Okayama, etc. Lunch for guiding to Kojima
It is “Takato Udon”. Access is also good,
Udon is also delicious, Oden is well equipped,
There is also a safe place to have a safe place with children.

And this time we went to attend relation.
“Takato Udon”

Demons and Momotaro get along well


Things that will come to you when you pay attention to this time again.
At first it is a sign that the car is stopped and can not be seen.
I will stick with a simple color composition.

simple! I was able to shoot the moment when I was wearing soy sauce miraculously.


Miss.Nakamichi this time
The specialty “shoyuu udon”

Daikon with udon, and then add soy sauce and mix it for eating.

Just simple.
A guy who has fallen like dropping a radish on a demon.

Daikon radish is hard or sweet on some days There are gambling elements around that area.
In other words, I think whether I used a radish destination or not,
I heard the voice saying “It is painful today ~” several times from the neighbor.

As an aside, you can choose warm, cold, warm it will come with bonito.
My middle-aged man whose digestive organs are getting weaker as a hot habit
A warm day soy sauce udon is regular.

The udon of “Takato Udon” is a softer setting than Sanuki udon which emphasizes Koshi.

It is a nice view.


This time I am consulting with the condition of internal organs and eating ordinary udon.
But decided not to calorie or nutritional value “fried rice cake udon”.

The same pattern as before “Chinese noodles kota”
Carbohydrates are on carbohydrates.
And it is fried, not baked.

This is absolutely delicious.

What I’m talking about is noodles or udon noodles
If fried rice cake is not limited to Kojima, think without thinking
It is a story though please put it in.

And “Takato Udon” as the starting point of Kojima
I will close down with consideration that it may be the best choice.




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