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Customer’s Snapshot in Kojima Store -MONSTER STANDAR-


It’s Aoyama.

Today there is the introduction of annual customers snap.


【JB0512S-J】Standard(Stitch) 16.5oz U.S.A.×Australia Cotton Vintage Selvage

When I will again introduce the monster fabric of 16.5oz,
Implantation of the yarn is firmly put, because it incorporates a warp in the ultra-weak tension
It has become a dough to enjoy the texture, such as hand-woven with a bulge.


In addition, Standard of form has continued to make from JAPAN BLUE JEANS brand beginning
In the long-selling model, drain off exquisite balance to clean while wide silhouette is a popular secret.


Stitch in the back pocket has been applied!


Because it was our customers that atmosphere, it had decided pat together with the simple coordination!

Also expected to fall colors!
Shooting cooperation in hot, thank you!


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