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Summer is coming!One-wash color Jeans!【Urvin】


Hello everyone\(^o^)/
I’m Kunisue from Urvin.


I can see the people who wear the fading jeans as summer is coming.

But, in Urvin, one-wash color jeans are also good!!

so, I pick up the one-wash jeans in Urvin collection today.

Let me introduce 3 fits♪


First –Casta-

“Skinny” / OW  12,000+TAX

Urvin’s skinny is different from the usual one!!


You can wear it easy.

Your legs looks like slim because the fabric is thick and the rise is low.


next, –Mesquida-

“Boys Slim” / OW 12,000+TAX

This waist position is the different from skinny one!

This item can cover with whole with a little bit lower rise than skinny.

and, the fabric is a quite soft!!


last one, -Louise-

“Straight” 12,000+TAX

The popular silhouette, straight in this season.

The fabric is 100% cotton but soft touch.

You can wear it easy without stretch!!

The long rolled-up is very hot right now as this picture☆



Depending on silhouette, you can enjoy the completely different coordinate.

In addition, any tops is good for this jeans.

You can enjoy it whole seasons♪

Urvin jeans’ strong point is “silhouette and easy fit”!!


I’m waiting for your coming^^

see ya~

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