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JBJ Okayama store limited edition jeans !BORN!!


Hello everyone!
I’m Okayama store・Aoyama.


2017 Autumn&Winter collection Pre Oder Fair will be finished after 2 days!

Don’t miss this chance!!Come here and have a look!



Today I want to tell you a big news!

The Japan blue jeans Okayama store limited jeans is born!


The offical store limited editon jeans has their own sepcial silhouette an stitch!

Let’s look at Okayama store limited jeans!



JBOK0606S-J Hi-tapered・Okayama store limited edition 16,000+tax

We use the sepcial stitch in the most popular silhouette Hi-tapered・JB0606-J


【JB0606-J】 Hi-Tapered 14oz Zimbabwe×Memphis Cotton Vintage SelvageButton ハイテーパード


14oz Zimbabwe x Menphis Cotton Vintage Selvage

We use Zimbabwe cotton well known for its luxury, luster and softness.
And we use Memphis Cotton for comfortable feeling and firm waist. 
The dark yarn is dyed with indigo, so the white part of the core of the yarn remains large as possible.For Weaving we use an old weaving loom to slowly weave it. It give the final touch to this soft and rough model.

High tapered cut has rise, hips, the thighs and relaxed.

The silhouette has clear shape, it’s high tapered toward hems.

Even if the thigh is fat,it also looks thin!

And the stitch color is…



This color is from 「備前焼(Bizen yaki)」the famous pottery  in Okayama。

The color we usually see is brown khaki.

In fact ,the most High grade and very rare pottery is「青備前」.

These are 青備前.

We use this image to design the stitch!

The leather patch is indigo!This patch is very very popular!




The Okayama limited edition jeans are only

20 pairs!!

And…These jeans won’t be poduced any more!

So catch this chance!!



Welcome Drink Service

It’s free to drink ice coffee!


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