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“Photographic contest application of the 3rd anniversary of Kojima store”Winner announcement!②


I’m Sonoda.

I went to Hinase with Sakai of [SETTO] yesterday.

In Hinase, an oyster is famous.

I went to eat [Kakioko].

Kakioko is with many oysters.

This was very delicious.



“Photographic contest application of the 3rd anniversary of Kojima store”

I announce the elected candidate.


It is the second today.

Jeans of F.

It is a very wonderful photograph.


 14.8oz US Cotton Vintage Selvage Skinny

American Texan Cotton is used in order to create a more rough and rugged jeans like in Texas.

By rough cotton spinning it increase the strength of the yarn. 

The result is a nice texture and a nice deep blue color. 

Yarn Warp = ropes are dyed to the core with pure indigo. With this process, the yarn age to a very beautiful blue color .
The fabric is woven on a vintage shuttle loom, the weave is as compact as possible to make a rough and rugged textile.


congratulations! !






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