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“Photographic contest application of the 3rd anniversary of Kojima store”Winner announcement!⑤



I’m SNODA who always wants to diet in  May day.

I usually feel that”I lost my weight!”…but…maybe just the illusion(-_-;)


ok~~So today I will announce the winners for『photo contest (The 3rd Anniversary for opening of kojima store)』!

This time is the fifth announcement!


Now  I will introduce the customer who also applied last year!

Here is the winner’s blog!↓↓↓

14oz Zimbabwe×Memphis Cotton   Skinny

We use Zimbabwe cotton well known for its luxury, luster and softness.
And we use Memphis Cotton for comfortable feeling and firm waist. 

The dark yarn is dyed with indigo, so the white part of the core of the yarn remains large as possible.

For Weaving we use an old weaving loom to slowly weave it. It give the final touch to this soft and rough model.

・soft and rough middle ounce denim

・Natural aging
・Blue selvage
・Cotton 100%


The customer bought this jeans in 2 yeas ago.

The sharp fading is very beautiful!

Our staff will not lose to him!

So congratulation!





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