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Photographic contest application of the 3rd anniversary of Kojima store”Winner announcement!⑥


Hi,guys~~I’m SONODA.

I go back my hometown in the last week~~
and have a very nice time~~
so I get enough energy!



ok~~So today I will announce the winners for『photo contest (The 3rd Anniversary for opening of kojima store)』!

This time is the sixth announcement!

This customer is from HIROSHIMA。
He weared jeans is JB0201s.

JB0201S-J Skinny14.8oz US Cotton Vintage Selvage(stitch)Button


American Texan Cotton is used in order to create a more rough and rugged jeans like in Texas.

By rough cotton spinning it increase the strength of the yarn. 

The result is a nice texture and a nice deep blue color. 

Yarn Warp = ropes are dyed to the core with pure indigo. With this process, the yarn age to a very beautiful blue color .

Because of American  Cotton is very rough and rugged ,the color fading is sharp.

This jeans’ silhouette is skinny.The customer  weard it for longtime so it beacme bee nest  fading.

The mobelphone form in the back pocket!So cool~~(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

I also have  three jeans made in American cotton!It’s not enought!


Congratulations to this customer!!
Thank you very much!



See you again!







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