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Photographic contest application of the 3rd anniversary of Kojima store”Winner announcement!⑧



I’m Sonoda in kojima store!!


Kojima is really hot everyday in summer!!
Like the “hare no kuni(sunny city)” that here is.

Many people said,Okayama is sunny city!
Because there is a few rainy day.

Even in such a hot weather customers who visit Our store are enthusiastic jeans fan, many even heavy ounce jeans are selling well.

Today, we will introduce the winner of the “Kojima 3rd Anniversary Photography Contest” that you are using favorite JBJ No.1 heavy ounce jeans.

He weared JB0626 。

Hi Tapered 18oz Super Heavy Slub Vintage Selvage

Weave fabric of super slab woven into weft and rough texture like shark skin.

A slab that runs sideways affects the color fading of warp yarns and can enjoy vertical and horizontal falls, one of only one.


Weft yarn is dyed in khaki beige and turns into a color with antique feeling.

Silhouette is popular in our store “high tapered”.

The crotch is somewhat deep, it is a “tapered silhouette” which makes the hem thinner with plenty of space around the waist and thighs.

In sportsman body type,

“The waist and the overall silhouette become big when it matches the thigh …”

“My legs are muscular but I want to wear it cleanly …”

Recommended to those who are suffering as such.

You can enjoy a sharp silhouette.

I seems to have been wearing refreshing while giving a moderate feeling of Yutri.

I am looking forward to the fall colors.

Thank you for the nostalgic atmosphere.



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