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Work on Rainy Days ITEM


This weather is unstable this season,,,☂
It is rainy in Okayama today.

Japan Blue Jeans has items that are not defeated by rain.


DOUGU High Perfomance Indigo Material

DOUGU“AVENUE”High Perfomance Indigo Material

“DOUGU” of highly functional indigo material

It has elasticity, water repellency, moisture permeation, wind protection function.

Model size:172cm  S

Don’t let this astonish you, sir.
Although it is water repellent, you can also enjoy fading color.

Because it is a water stopper zipper, it prevents water from entering.

Short length↓DOUGU“PLAIN”High Perfomance Indigo Material

It is not suitable for heavy rain,
but It is OK enough if it is light rain as everyday wear and outdoor wear.

Paraffin Canvas Tote

Paraffin Canvas Tote

It is also a good size as a commuter and school bag!

A lot of storage is also possible.

This canvas tote is coated with wax on a strong durable canvas which is also used for sailing boats, etc.
You can use it with confidence on rainy days.

Please enjoy fashionable even on rainy days!

Thank you.

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札幌・丸井今井 一条館9階イベントスペース

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