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named after French actress!?【Urvin】


Hello everyone\(^o^)/
I’m Kunisue from Urvin.


Aren’t you wondering the name of our items?

In fact, Urvin jeans are named after French actress!!

So, let me explain♪

Casta(カスタ) -Skinny-

This is a stretch skinny jeans with tough fabric.

I’m sure that your legs look like so beautiful^^

Mesquida(メスキダ) -Boys Slim-

The rise is a little bit low. It’s a boys slim silhouette.

Depending on sizes, you can enjoy both like a skinny and boyfriend!!

Adele(アデル) -Boys Slim Ankle-

This fit has 2cm deeper rise and 4cm shorter length than Mesquida.

Boys slim ankle.

It’s a trendy item♪

Louise(ルイーズ) -Piped Straight-

This fit has high rise and wide silhouette.

It’s a piped straight.

It’s a really really soft touch however it’s adopted 100% cotton☆
Selvage jeans!!

Nina(ニナ) -Tapered Solid-

This fit has a strongly tapered toward the hem.

We can recommend you who are looking for the wide silhouette^^

Sanda(サンダ) -Wide-

This fit is wide silhouette.But the waist is narrow.

It’s  gonna be A-line!

Reine(レイネ) -Skirt-


Denim skirt.

Not too much wide and it has a little bit tapered♪


You got it??haha

Thank you for reading(^^)♡

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