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That famous performer also wears JAPAN BLUE JEANS!

Hi,everyone I’m KOJIMA store・Hasui. Today I want to tell you guys a big news!   That famous performer Mr.H also chooses JAPAN BLUE JEANS. You must want to know who is Mr.H… Here I got the pictures…           …

Shibuya store Anniversary model New information!!

↓Shibuya store Anniversary model New information↓ Special tote bag gifts when buying limited jeans! Border・Stripe・Denim       

Shibuya store limited jeans!!

Hi I’m YUTA!! Kakisibuzome×JAPANBLUE JEANS Shibuya Collaboration jeans Size:28/30/32/34/36 Price:¥20,000+Tax         See you again(^J^)  

KAKISIBUZOME Pop up in Shibuya Store!!

POP UP STORE OPEN 5.15~5.31 Japanese Traditional Color PERSIMMON VARNISH. Please enjoy the natural color of persimmon. Right:Persimmon dying T-shirts. It excels at water proofing,presevation from decay, insect proofing and antibiotic properties.     ↓SHIBUYA’S STORE ORIGINAL MODEL↓ ↓JB SHIBUYA Instagram↓ …

Kojima Recommended spot 【Former Nozakihama beach climb】

It is the “Day after day Kojima” corner introducing the recommended spots in Kojima. It is Tsurumi of the WEB team. Well, today I was worried about the city. By the way, because I have emigrated from other prefecture, Everything …

Shibuya store POP UP Information!!

HI!I’M YUTA. I was home in Miyazaki’s family home. House from beach in 3 minutes by car! SETTO POPUP will be held It is also my favorite brand DWP HOODED COAT ¥24,000+Tax BOAT NECK SHIRT 全10色 \10,000+Tax  RAGLAN SMOCK ¥17,000+Tax …

New NonWash Denim in Stock!!

Hi,I’m SASE!! New NonWash Denim in Stock Information!! × JB0212 × JB0201 から↓↓ ◎ JB6104Z ◎ JB0304Z JAPAN BLUE JEANS Shibuya line-up↓ JB0401 JB0412 JB0601 JB0612 JB6104Z JB0304Z The explanation of NonWash Denim is this↓ Vol.03 色落ちを楽しむなら生デニム   See you again!! …

Shibuya Store 1st Anniversary Limitted Jeans.

Hi. I’m YUTA. Shibuya Store 1st Anniversary Limitted Jeans. Will be released in June!! Stay tuned. Limitted Leather patch.   Limited Edition 40 Will be released in June See you again!! ■Event Information■ 「JBJ 特別販売会」 3/22(水)~28(火) 大阪・大丸梅田店  

Sale of the JAPAN BLUE JEANS has started!!

Sale of the JAPAN BLUE JEANS has started!! ↓Matsuzakaya Shizuoka ↓      See you again(^_^)v ■Event Information■ 「JBJ 特別販売会」 3/22(水)~28(火) 大阪・大丸梅田店

POP UP in Tsukuba Ibaraki.

  See you again(^_^)v   ■Event Information■ 「JBJ 特別販売会」 3/22(水)~28(火) 大阪・大丸梅田店 8階特設会場 「日本のモノづくり展」 4/12(水)~17(月) 札幌・丸井今井 一条館9階イベントスペース