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「 新入荷 」 一覧


Hi!! Hot day continues this week. Shorts are essential at such times. Today is an introduction of JBJ’s new show bread model 172cm/62kg  SIZE M着用 Easy Shorts JB5600 ¥9,000+TAX ~ ¥13,000+TAX SIZE S~L I made it with a very soft …

New shorts were arrived!

Hi!! New shorts are arrived! JB5500  GRE/BEG/BK ¥9,500+TAX Knee Shorts   Color GRE/ BEG /BK Color GRE Color BEG model 172cm/62kg W30 Basic Traunther Shorts!! Nice silhouette & color!! WATANABE   ↓↓児島店Insatagram・日々更新中です↓↓   ■Event Information■ 「日本のモノづくり展」 4/12(水)~17(月) 札幌・丸井今井 一条館9階イベントスペース  

NEW No Collar Coverall!!

Hello A new version appeared in the no-collar jacket! JBJK2041 ¥18,000+TAX 9.5oz Indigo Sashiko Dobby Stripe Indigo Dobie Stripe !     LikeHand-stitched!!   (172㎝/62㎏ sizeM) Length not too long, thin arm makes urban silhouette. Unique fabric  + urban silhouette jacket. …