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Urvin in LA

This is Urvin Kojima store   We introduce Urvin retailer, American Rag Cie in LA. They started to carry Urvin from this 17 fall.   Some item are exclusive only American Rag Cie in LA. NINA SANDA     Thank …

Reencounter for the first time in one year

  2016/06/30    Press , , , , , ,

I’m Sonoda. Customer of JBJ came to the store after an interval of one year.  The last blog⇓ http://japanblue.blogspot.jp/2015/07/blog-post_14.html?view=flipcard   【JB0401】※The right visitor https://www.japanbluejeans.com/item/?c=zoom&pk=14 【JB2100(ID)】※The left visitor https://www.japanbluejeans.com/item/?c=zoom&pk=35&col=74 The visitor of the man purchased JB0401. I have you wear JB2100(ID) for …