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「 JB2301 」 一覧

The staff was surprised !! Online selling ranking top 5 is released to the public

Good evening everyone. It’s WEB’s Rei chan. An online selling ranking announcement! No. 5!! JB6104Z-J 12.5oz African cotton Vintage Selvage Uses long African cotton fibers blended with 12% natural brown cotton.Soft and supple fabric as well as texture is the …

2017 Okayama store’s first blog New direct-controlled model appeared

Happy new year.!! I am WATANABE   Today is an introduction of new work of directly managed stores only item !!   JB2301 “FAIR FAX” ¥16,000+TAX CALIF.DENIM series direct-store limited model appeared. 12oz Easy Denim       Next, JBJSA07 …


HELLO!! MY NAME IS YUTA!! SIBUYA STORE RECOMMEND REPPED DENIM JEANS!!  JB2300 HAYES 10ozEasy Denim 18,000+TAX Safari×JBJ JB2301 LA SELVA 12ozEasy Denim 18,000+TAX JB2300 GROVE 10ozEasy Denim 14,000+TAX JB2301 HOLLY WOOD 12ozEasy Denim 18,000+TAX JB2301 MELROSE 12ozEasy Denim 12,000+TAX JBSF01 …

Let’s go to travel wearing jeans! !

Hello. Long time no see. I’m Fukuyama. It would not appear Fukuyama in the ghost-writing this time. It is autumn arrival becoming gradually cold recently. The turn of the season, please pay attention to your physical condition management! ! Today, …

Recommend Ladies Item!!

Hello!! My name is YUTA!! JB2301 Calif.”La Brea” ¥16,000+TAX https://www.japanbluejeans.com/item/?c=zoom&pk=44&col=61     JB2301 Calif.”Malibu” ¥18,000+税 ↓NEXT↓ JB10069S ”SKINNY11ozSTRETCH DENIM” ¥9,000+TAX https://www.japanbluejeans.com/item/?c=zoom&pk=166&col=47     JBSG01 ”LONGSHIRT DRESS”(INDIGO PLAID) https://www.japanbluejeans.com/item/?c=zoom&pk=172   THANK YOU!! ↓New Arrival Information↓ ↓JB SHIBUYA SHOP Instagram↓ https://www.instagram.com/japanbluejeans_shibuya/

Shibuya shop visitor snap ~ Kyusyu Danji②~

Hello. It is Sonoda of Kojima store. Today’s visitor snap is an appearance of the friends of Sonoda. It is a childhood friend of Sonoda. Because he liked CALIF jeans, he purchased it.【JB2301(LB)】 CALIF. LA BREA 12oz イージーデニム https://www.japanbluejeans.com/item/?c=zoom&pk=44&col=61 インパクトのある加工と 適度なクラッシュ感、 …

Magazine 「2nd」 Vol.114

  2016/07/25    News , , , , ,

Hello. It is Sonoda of Kojima store.   July,16  release   popular CALIF. series. CALIF. We would like to express the feeling of freedom and the atmosphere of the West Coast, California. Denim with a damaged and repair like details. …


  2016/07/11    Item, News , , , ,

Hello!! There a Okayama shop WATANABE. It is the introduction of new jeans of CALIF.DENIM.     JB2301 LS ¥18,000+TAX CALIF.DENIM “LaSelva” This “LaSelva” is a collaboration jeans of the  japanese magazine “Safari”! 12oz stretch denim . model 172cm / 63kg w28 …


  2016/07/05    Item , , , , , ,

Hi!! CALIF.DENIM “Melrose” was re-stock!!! JB2301 ¥12,000+TAX CALIF.DENIM “MELROSE” 12oz Easy Denim https://www.japanbluejeans.com/item/?c=zoom&pk=46 It is a simple fading indigo colors  stretch tapered jeans.     WATANABE  

Posted by GQ Taiwan

  2016/05/02    Press , , , , , ,

Posted by GQ Taiwan GQ Taiwan posted Japan Blue Jeans new collection [CALIF.] JB2301 CALIF. Malibu 12oz easy stretch, very comfortable, flexible jeans.   This jeans not only repair wash, cutting also beautiful. This cut called [PREP] [PREP] has unique character. …