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Would love to wear the DEMIN in Spring!!【JB6051】

  2017/03/16    Item, News , , , ,

Hi,Everyone! It’s Aoyama. Okayama store are open today !! Today’s topics… I will inroduce “would love to wear the denim in Spring”!! 【JB6051】 SOHO Trouser 10oz 50’s Nep Denim Fabric are 50’s color and cotton NEP. This color are good contrast to ecru stitch. …

Shibuya shop visitor snap ~ Kyusyu Danji③~

Hello. It is Sonoda of Kojima store. Today’s visitor snap is an appearance of the friends of Sonoda. 【JB6051】 SOHO Trouser 10oz 50’s Nep Denim https://www.japanbluejeans.com/item/?c=zoom&pk=92&col=77 Model SOHO Torousers This pair of trousers is inspired by 1950’s wear.  This trousers is …