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Citizens of Hiroshima are unmissable!Appear to「Pro-TV」

Hi. I’m Sonoda.   I appear on television today. 「Pro-TV」(HIroshima TV) Airdate:3/28 Hour:15:48~18:55(About16:50~17:10 broadcast)   There was TV photography the other day. In a garden. With the Namika Masui of the talent.   【Namika Masui coordinates】 ■JBJKL1064  12oz Côte d’lvoire Cotton Stretch Denim …

RSK Evening 5:00!

Hello. It is Sonoda of Kojima store. Kojima store of the tomorrow broadcast appear on television.   RSK Evening 5:00 The program details⇓ http://www.rsk.co.jp/tv/evening_goji/   【JB6104Z(ID)】 Prep 12.5oz Africa Cotton vintage Selvage https://www.japanbluejeans.com/item/?c=zoom&pk=31&col=77   Please check the one living in …


  2016/05/03    Press , , , ,

Interview by Thailand TV program   Thailand TV show visited Kojima Jeans street and introduce our store.          

TVSHOW  -Gaia no yoake-

  2016/04/28    News, Press , ,

  HELLO!! We appeared on the  Japanese TV SHOW!! BS japan   -Gaia no yoake- http://www.bs-j.co.jp/program/detail/17105_201604291800.html Day&time(in japan):4/29(fri) 18:00~   Please appreciation!!