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Why are Jeans BLUE?


It’s Aoyama.

Currently, we are studying to acquire the qualifications of jeans sommeliers.


In that exam, you must learn various contents from the origin of jeans to production process, sewing and processing, inventory management and sales method.

I knew the history of jeans and I was wondering.

Why are jeans blue so far?


It is natural that the jeans are blue because they are dyeing using indigo, but I investigated why I became able to dye with indigo.

Originally it is said that jeans began as a fabric merchant Mr. Levi Straus made a “waist-length overall” using a sturdy canvas for gold miners, beginning in the mid 1800’s.

Mr. Strauss thought that it would be pleasing to the workers to make a durable working clothes using a canvas fabric for making tents and ship’s hoops that he had stock as a new business and commercialize it What you did is the source of current jeans.

At that time, a canvas fabric that had not been dyed yet was used.

Afterwards rivet reinforcement etc. were given, and it becomes like present jeans little by little.

Because its working trousers are highly durable
It was also a reputation among miners.
However, many similar products have come out,
Mr. Strauss would start thinking the next one.

Considering the environment of the mine, he came up with an idea.

It was “pest avoidance”.

There are many pests and snakes in the mine, so it is actually damaged
I decided to have the function of ‘pest avoidance’ in work pants.

Therefore adopted was “indigo”.

He knew that the juice from indigo leaves had an effect on pest and snake avoidance, he thought that if you dye it indigo it will be able to avoid insect pests.

When I actually made the product, the color dyed in indigo was stylish and fresh in color.

Dirt adhered by the work by dyeing became not noticeable, too, so it seems that the miners were also very pleased.

This will lead to the current blue jeans.


Incidentally, it is true that Indigo contains antimicrobial ingredients such as triptansulin, which prevents wormholes of the dough and repels pests, but in the case of dyed jeans, because of the trace amount of its triptansulin, It is clear in modern times that we can not expect much to repel big pests and snakes.


Also, the synthetic indigo used in modern jeans has no such effect unfortunately.

Considering that synthetic indigo is used for most modern denims and it is accepted, it is well understood that jeans have changed from work wear that supports the harsh scene to casual wear that does not need pest repelling I will.








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